Our goal was to create an artist space for artists by artists.  Someplace with a postive energy and art positive people that everyone feels welcome at.

Currently the services we offer are;

  • Photography - In one of our eFx studios or on location (Wardrobe room, private studios, in-house proofing, editing, printing to ensure discretion & your security at all times.
    • Photography services include but are not limited to;
      • Boudoir
      • Couples
      • Fantasy & Cosplay Portrait Session
  • Fine Art Prints
    • Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Calendars
    • Large format printing 40" wide, up to 100' long.
  • Art Gallery - (artists, ask about hangings & showings)
  • Custom Jewelry, Soaps, Lotions, Incense, Power Stones, & more; all by local artisans

We strongly support the arts and local artists, I mean let's face it; times are tough.  Not to mention that the arts is a tough playground to be in; especially for new artists just starting out.  Unless you have a large bankroll backing you, just finding an artists space to practice your craft can be a huge challenge.

So; come on in and let's talk about our membership options. Membership is a three tiered plan and each membership level has it's perks.

  • Iron - $25 per month or $275 annually (a $25 savings)
  • Tungsten $60 per month or $680 annually (a $40 savings)
  • Titanium $90 per month or $1000 annually (an $80 savings)
Consortium Membership - New Rates for 2019/2020